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"We Manage Canadian Properties"  
Contact: Micheal O'Brien  

buildings to estates town home complexes vacation resorts and more. Derecho operates in-house paralegal service, marketing professionals, strong information technology engineering and administration, physical plant technical and engineering services, in-house property security services and a strong financial team. For the owner, as a third party property manager, Derecho provides custom property management packages to incorporate the flexibility required by today's property owners and realty investors. Our "Formula 2012" for converting older multi-residential buildings to future-standards and efficiencies are paying off for owners. Cleaning up and modernizing high-rise and mid-rise towers is the way ahead for some portfolios. Ask us to build you a plan for greater revenues and property values by exploiting forward-looking know how and available modernization incentives. For the tenant, Derecho offers friendly, courteous response to their living needs and a relentless problem-solving team whenever needed. Units are well-cared for and consistently operated in a professional and responsive manner. We have even cleaned up a few of Ontario's multi-residential tenancy calamities and continue to bring a positive future to many landlords with tough projects. We have been assisting landlords in managing their rental properties since 1998.
Locations of Service
Canada, KY
New York, NY
New York Mills, NY
Rochester, IL
Rochester, NY
Toronto, IA
Toronto, IL
Toronto, KS
Toronto, OH
Toronto, SD
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